ERP Solutions

ERP Çözümleri

ERP is a commercial software that can gather all the information and documents in your enterprise, include reporting facilities that enable you to direct your company's future and new generation technologies.

With ERP;
1) Company employees can effectively handle transactions related to their areas of responsibility,
2) Company executives may also have up-to-date knowledge of financial and operational issues using Executive Reports, which we have specifically prepared. Plan their movements according to future risks.

You can create more than one branch, warehouse and cost center in your company and create original records by selecting these units in the document.

Purchasing, Sales, Cash, Bank, Loan, Pos, Check, etc. you can track all transactions with multiple currency types. When you start using ERP; You can record the customer's commercial information, make purchases, track the amount and cost of the materials in stock, sell the related products, report the cost of the products according to the last purchase or average cost.

With ERP, you can check your cash and bank accounts, customer and firm checks - notes that have not yet been collected and paid, debts and receivables from suppliers and customers.

You can report the monthly and annual business volume of all persons and institutions in your business transactions by taking summary reports of purchases and sales transactions you have made with suppliers and customers.

With ERP Management Module you can report all the debts, receivables and assets of your company in one screen, you can see the monthly basis or the annual Revenue Expense Table and your Financial status in one single report.

ERP Accounting module and Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cost of Sale Costs Table, Ba-Bs Form etc. required by law. you can quickly prepare all your notifications and statements.

Operations you have done in ERP can be easily backed up and you will always be able to access this information in the digital environment. Your ERP business will meet your daily business and reporting needs in the most appropriate way, your business life will be your greatest help.

In short, we produce ERP Solutions that suit your company's needs