Inventory Tracking Software

Stok Takip Programı

Some Features

• Standard prices can be defined for materials and services.

• Multiple price lists for a material can be defined. Different currencies can be used in price lists.

• Price lists can be defined separately for different branches.

• Warehouse based extract of materials can be taken and inputs and outputs can be controlled.

• Separation and reporting of in-store stand-rayon can be done.

• If count results are prepared in Excel environment, Excelden automatic counting chip can be created.

• The Inventory value can be reported at the same time according to the average or last purchase price of the materials in the stock.

• If the cost of the stock account is composed of a few steps such as importing, it can be ensured that the actual unit cost is determined correctly by establishing a cost relationship between the main document and other documents.

• Can be defined as '' Minimum Inventory Level '' quantity.

• '' Material Supply Days '' can be reported. Stocks that need to be purchased can be determined automatically by taking into account the number of stocks available, the minimum number of stocks and the number of days procured.

Stok Takip

Some Report

•Stock Price List Report (R)

•Business and Warehouse Based Inventory Reporting (R)

•Sales Order Acceptance Report (R)

•Order Tracking Report (R)

•Minimum Stock Level Difference Report (R)

•Unsold Items Report