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All prices, information, pictures, explanations and news contained in the 3rd KUVVE website are only for presentation and information purposes. The user can not in any way assume that the information on the website is inaccurate or defective in any way. If the user intends to perform a transaction with reference to the information, the user acknowledges that he / she is obliged to provide the final and reliable information from the KUVVE authorities and that the information published on the website is not up to date and that KUVVE has no responsibility.

4.KUVVE reserves the right to change the content of the site at any time, to terminate any services provided to the user, and to delete user information and data stored in the web site. KUVVE does not give any guarantees about errors that may occur on the site even though the website has taken all kinds of precautions to be error free.

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6. In the event of a request from the court and / or public prosecutor's office and / or any electronic tampering or attack that would alter the functioning of the user, which would prevent the operation of the KUBVICS system, the KUBVIK COMPUTER shall have the right to investigate the identity of the user and to make a legal declaration.

7. Information on the structure of the Internet can be circulated on the Internet without adequate security measures and can be retrieved and used by unauthorized persons. There is no harm that can be caused by this cause.

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10. The KUVVE COMPANY website reserves the right to change, renew or cancel any of these Terms of Use for use without notice. Any provisions removed from the amended or amended standard shall be binding on all users as of the publication date.

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The information and documents on this website may have been lost. KUVVE BİLİŞİM does not give any commitment to update this information.

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